About Consign & Design

I’ve always been interested in things that are a little bit different – the unique, the one-of-a-kind, the unexpected. I grew up with parents who straddled two cultures, and who taught me to have a thrifty mindset, to value looking into the history of an item and repairing or re-purposing the things we had instead of always buying something new.

As a kid, I loved exploring. I grew up in Boston, surrounded by the history of the city and the old Victorian homes my parents loved. We were a creative family with a passion for arts and antiques. I took that passion with me as I got older, combing through the junk and the treasures of the Midwestern flea markets I found myself drawn to in college, and always looking for the weird and the wonderful when I lived in San Francisco.

When I moved to the Upper Valley and found Consign and Design, I truly felt like I was at home. I found a network of people who share my passion for exploration: the treasure hunt, the stories that are told through old pieces passed down through families, the love of the unexpected.

I am so excited to be able to share my passion with the community, and to bring so many unique finds and pieces of history to the people who visit us here at Consign and Design.


Christopher Lin, curator of the unnecessary, unique treasures and vintage must-haves