Why Consign?

When you have furniture, home décor, or other one-of-a-kind items that you need to let go of, it can be hard to figure out what to do with them.

You could try to sell them yourself, on Facebook or Craigslist or another online marketplace, but you’ll have to deal with scammers, hagglers, and no-shows (not to mention looking out for your own safety, as well).

You could donate your items, but regardless of the value of the items you won’t get anything in return. You also won’t have any guarantee that your pieces won’t be tossed or destroyed if they don’t sell.

But when you work with Consign and Design to sell your items, you’ll get the best of both worlds, with none of the hassle. We’ll assess your item and sell it for a fair price on your behalf, and you’ll get 50% of the profit with none of the work. What’s more, when you consign with us, you know your pieces will be put in front of buyers with a genuine love for the history and quality of our one-of-a-kind finds.

How To Consign

Buy Outright: We offer what we can given condition of item, time of year, and anticipated time on floor. Items that are small and difficult to inventory, or anticipated price point below $25 we will offer to buy.

Consignment (preferred) : 50/50 split 60 day contract w/extension . Large estates up to 365 day contract.

Items that are not approved for consignment or purchase: We are starting to populate our own web store. For a limited time we are
offering online-only consignment. Consignment without the hassle. We send an in-house photographer to take professional looking pictures of your piece(s) we judge condition and price, and offer your piece on our website, for local purchase with delivery fee paid by the purchaser, by an outside moving service. (No visitors, no hassle). Please ask for more information.

Consign and Design does not have in-house movers:
For Pickup and Delivery we recommend Van Wiggins Handyman Service – 603-229-2476 or vnwiggins1987@comcast.net Rates start at $25/hour

** Do not arrange delivery without approval of your items. Any unapproved items for consignment or purchase that are dropped off will become the property of Consign and Design.

Online Only Consignment:

  1. Email photos of items interested in online consignment. Use “online only” in subject. We will give you an estimated price point, that will include local delivery – $50 within 15 mile radius of C & D
  2. After approval, schedule our in house photographer to visit, and take professional looking photos.
  3. We will give you our estimated selling price
  4. The item will be placed on our website and marketed to the local community and extended NH Upper Valley, using social media platforms.
  5. Sit back and wait for a buyer, all while barely lifting a finger.
  6. Consignor receives 70% of selling price, which has delivery factored in. The consignor is responsible for the cost of photos, but will be reimbursed upon sale.
  7. C&D receives 30% of selling price, arranges delivery, pricing, photographer, marketing and web store hosting.

If there is a bureau we estimate to sell at $500:

  • Delivery Fee is $50
  • Photography is $50
  • Net Sale Price: $400
  • Consignor Receives: $280
  • C&D Receives: $120
C&D Contract
Dealer Handbook